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Obec Trenčianska Turná
ObecTrenčianska Turná


Welcome to Trenčianska Turná

Village Trenčianska Turná

Village Trenčianska Turná, is situated along the left side of the middle reaches of the river “Váh”, in the middle of Trenčin's hollow basin and it is surrounded by wonderful scenery of Strážov's highlands, majestic hill “Považský Inovec” and on the west side are “Biele Karpaty” mountains. The village is located on the intersection of important trade routes between North and South (Baltic- Mediterranean Sea) and also between East and West (Central Slovakia and Moravia).

The historical advantage of the village’s location is demonstrated by the discovery of stone tools from the Palaeolithic period (appr. 13 000 BC) as well as from the time of “Lužicko-Sliezska” culture.

The presence of Romans is proved not only by the epigraph written on the rock in “Trenčín” but also by the Roman coins found in our area. Another typical object from this historical period is a non-completed bowl shaped pot made of terra sigillata with plastic decoration on its external part (200 AC) which was found in the area of the village. The evidence of a long term; permanent settlement from the time of Great Moravia Empire is the discovery of many skeletally objects found in one place situated in the central part of the village, for example, bronze sigmoid earrings, military iron axe, buckle and also an unbroken crock.

In another part of the village, 20 golden coins of the kings Matej Korvin and Vladislav (the end of 15th century) were found.

The name of the village might have been derived from the animal “bovid” (“tur” in Slovak language) or from the watch tower called “turna” which might have been built in this important strategic place. Even though, both options confirm the agedness of the village’s area, the first written reference is from 1269. However, in “Zobor” documents, “turna aqua” (Trenčianska Turna creek) was mentioned in 1113.

Dominant monument of the village is the Church of Saint Martin, originally in a gothic style, rebuilt in 18th-19th century. Two crypts are situated inside the church. The oldest bell from 1832 can be found in the steeple. In the southern part of the village, there is a sand pedestal with the statue of Saint Jan Nepomucký from 1794. Nine lime-trees were planted arround the monument but only four of them live out.

On August 3th 1708 the area of the village became a place of a crucial battle between Kuruc soldiery of František II Rákocy and imperial soldiery of general Haister. This event is reminded by the memorial of František II Rakocy and his room located in the village´s part called Hámre.

The cottage called “Kušnierovec” represents a local museum. Because the village was serfdom in the past, there are not any other specific monuments.

The most famous person born in Trenčianska Turná, except of the others contributing in the development of the village in the past was Samuel Timon (1675 – 1736) who is considered to be the founder of modern historiography.

Trenčianska Turná, as it is today, was created by mergering Trenčianska Turná and Hámre in 1976. Nowadays, it has 3025 inhabitants. Since 1990, it has reached positive, almost 18% increase in population. According to the average age of inhabitants, it belongs to the group of younger settlements in Slovakia. This trend is supported by extensive, permanent construction of blocks of flats and houses in the village as well as by the social facilities.

Traditional culture of the village is represented by the folklore group “Večernica” which brings back the traditional customs through dancing, songs and special colorful traditional costumes. Children and teenagers can become familiar with traditional customs via their membership in children folklore group “Štvorlístok” which represents the village in many domestic and foreign folklore festivals.

Physical activity and sport life style of inhabitants is supported by the football stadium with tennis courts, sport hall with a fitness centre and universal playing field. The Football club sponsors football players participating in various regional competitions. The Club of aeromodellers participates in the national competitions and its members represent the Slovak Republic in international competitions. Another successful sport discipline, in which the village has the representatives in national competitions, is wrestling and students of elementary school as the members of the wrestling club.

The Elementary school with Kindergarten is an open school not just for its students but it provides its spaces and services for the school children club, language school, art school and everyone interested in working with computers and internet. The village offers satisfying conditions for enterprise. It is from the fact that more than 40 companies having their residence in the village.

The biggest employer is the cooperative farm typical for special breeding of beef and growing of hops. Trenčianska Turná is famous for its rich cultural and social life. Many events are visited not just by locals but also by people from different places. Typical events held in the village are local ball, regional exhibition of traditional songs and dances, international children folklore festival “Stretnutie priateľov” (friend's meeting), championship of carrier horses, Music summer, exhibition of exotic birdlife and many others. Visit us and experience on your own that all mentioned facts are true.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our village Trenčianska Turná.





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